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PDFescape Mentioned In PCWorld

Thanks PCWorld for mentioning our free PDF editing and PDF form filling service, PDFescape!

While we primarily offer PDFescape because most free PDF utilities simply fall short of a user's day to day needs, Adobe Acrobat does take up a considerable amount of hard drive space (as much as 1.9 GB according to Adobe for Acrobat X Pro), as this article points out.

Continuous Scrolling & Touch Device Improvements for PDFescape

Red Software has released several new upgrades to its free PDF viewer, form filler, and editor, PDFescape.

First, PDFescape now supports viewing documents in a continuous scrolling manner. By simply scrolling from page to page, users of traditional computers and touch devices (e.g. iPad and iPhone) can now more quickly view and edit PDF documents.

Second, improvements to PDFescape's touch detection now allows users of some touch devices to better make use of tools like the Freehand drawing tool.

RAD PDF 2.7 Released

Red Software is proud to announce the release of version 2.7 of the ASP.NET PDF viewer and editor, RAD PDF. This latest version features a new ink tool, file appending, and improved image loading.

RAD PDF now allows users a new pen / ink tool, allowing users to free hand draw on any page in the currently loaded document. Simply click and drag out the annotation, signature, or other graphic directly on the document.

Users (and custom code via the RAD PDF API) can append PDF and other supported formats to the end of a document, allowing web applications to easily merge PDF documents, visually and online. Simply click the Append tool in the RAD PDF graphical user interface and select a file to upload and the PDF will be inserted at the end of the currently loaded document.

Now, in addition to TIFF images, BMP, JPEG, and PNG images can automatically converted to PDF and loaded in RAD PDF.

This new version is provided free of charge to all customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

Freehand Draw / Sign PDF Files Using PDFescape, Free

Red Software is proud to announce the release of a powerful new feature for PDFescape, the free PDF editor!

Now supporting "freehand" drawing, PDFescape enables users to add annotations, signatures, or hand drawn graphics anywhere on a PDF document. Simply click the new "Freehand" tool on PDFescape's "Insert" tab to start. Then click and drag anywhere on the page, adding ink where your mouse moves.

Merge PDF Documents Using PDFescape, Free

Red Software is proud to announce that free PDF editor, PDFescape, now supports appending PDF (and TIFF) files to the end of the currently loaded document. This new functionality allows multiple PDF documents to be easily merged, right in the PDFescape web interface.

Simply click the "Page" tab and then the "Append" button and choose a new PDF (or TIFF file) to insert.