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10 Million PDFescape Users (and counting!)

Red Software is proud to announce that over 10,000,000 registered and unregistered users have used our free PDF editor, PDFescape! This milestone was reached earlier this month on June 16, 2013. While PDFescape started off as a technology demonstration used by only a few thousand in its infancy, we've been ecstatic with its popularity growth in recent years. We love providing a free tool and thank all of our users for their time, loyalty, and feedback.

We were very excited to provide our free PDF tool to our first ten million patrons and look forward to providing it free of charge to the next ten million in need of a free PDF editor!

RAD PDF 2.16 Released

Red Software is excited to announce version 2.16 of its ASP.NET PDF editor, RAD PDF. This release includes a number of new features including the ability for users to add, arrange, and delete bookmarks (or outlines as the PDF specification calls them).

RAD PDF's Bookmark Tool

Along with the new bookmark tools, RAD PDF 2.16 adds new client side API classes for manipulating PDF info and security. Additionally, users can now optionally tab from page to page using their keyboard.

This new version also features a number of minor bug fixes.

This version is available free of charge to all Red Software customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

RAD PDF 2.15 Released

Red Software is pleased to announce version 2.15 of RAD PDF, the ASP.NET PDF editor and PDF viewer. This latest version provides a improvements for using RAD PDF's append tools and document security tools. Additionally, document printing has been improved for modern browsers, allowing more accurate margins.

The PdfDocumentEditor class now can optionally make use of already rendered resources when appending a PDF which was previously used by RAD PDF. The new PdfDocumentSecurity class allows a user password to be set via server side code.

This release also includes several minor bug fixes and is available immediately.

This update is provided free of charge to customers with an active Maintenance Plan.

Release Notes

Improving PDFescape Printer Output

From time to time, we receive complaints about a PDF not printing quite right when using our free PDF editor, PDFescape. Unintuitively, the cause of this is typically the web browser!

Most web browsers will add some information to printed pages such as the page number, page URL, etc. While this is helpful information for a printout of web page, it is rarely desired on a PDF form. Fortunately, most browsers allow their users to turn off the header and footer text.

Additionally, printer output typically specifies some margins. In the past, some users complained about this making printer output look incorrectly scaled or "shrunk". A recent PDFescape improvement now allows most PDFs to be printed with the intended margins by default, without needing to change browser settings. This latest improvement works with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome and is enabled by default for all users.

PDFescape Premium (Now twice as nice!)

Red Software is proud to announce that PDFescape Premium (our free PDF editor, with premium features) just got better.

You've voiced your opinions and we've listened! PDFescape Premium members can now open PDF documents which are 20 MB (instead of 10 MB) in size. Additionally, files for Premium members can contain up to 200 pages (instead of 100).

These new features will come at no cost to existing PDFescape Premium members whom will receive these perks free of charge for the rest of their membership.

All other PDFescape users will be subject to the same rules as always. We want to reassure all users that the features available to our free users have in no way been diminished (nor do we currently have plans to). We love offering a free PDF editor to the community and have no current plans to stop doing so!

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